Watch Stephen Colbert torment Morrissey for five minutes

Some clips have come online of satirist Stephen Colbert tormenting the notoriously difficult Steven Patrick Morrissey. For almost five minutes straight, Colbert goes after nearly every one of Morrissey's sacred cows; both literally and figuratively. Colbert also went after Morrissey's vegetarianism, throwing a bunch of hypotheticals at him:

You requested, no demanded, this be a meat-free environment for the day you are here. What about a cow that's been sentenced to death for murder or a pig that commits suicide from listening to too many of your songs? Well, I know a lamb that's a fucking asshole. Can I eat him? If I'm a little woozy right now it's because I haven't had my bacon.

Buzzfeed put together a bunch of animated GIFs of Morrissey's general grumpiness and you can find those here.