Brian Fallon
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Brian Fallon posted an update on some of the music he's been writing lately. Notably, it sounds like it a bit of a departure from his work with The Gaslight Anthem and The Horrible Crowes:

What I'm working on I'd classify as Americana. It's not from New Jersey, it's not The Gaslight Anthem, in fact, it's not even mine, but it's ours… I'm looking to the people who used folk and country music as a tradition and took what was past and moved forward. Wilco, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Guy Clark, the Highwaymen, Bob Dylan, etc… I'm not writing about straw hats and gin joints. I'm not writing about nostalgia or a time I wasn't born it. I'm writing about the last two years of my life since we wrote Handwritten. This project is going to be based on things I learned early on musically, which were my mother's folk songs. We also listened to a lot of early country. I'd like to write my years down.

Last October, Fallon confirmed plans for a new solo album to be recorded in 2013.