The Criminals

Anyone else watching Luther on BBC (BBC America in my case)? It's pulpy and schlocky but endlessly entertaining nonetheless. Wow, you got three reviews today!

First, Renaldo Matadeen gives the new Tonight Alive record The Other Side a fair shake:

There are little nice alternative and emo-melodic tones that cut nicely when it boils down to neat sprawls like "Complexes" and the fast-paced "No Different," but Tonight Alive have a lot of work to do to realize this tiny potential.

Read Renaldo's review of Tonight Alive's The Other Side right here.

Then, Rich Cocksedge takes a listen to Dead Broke Rekerds' new reissue of The Criminals' Never Been Caught:

Fortunately for those who like their punk with doses of snot and phlegm, Dead Broke Rekerds has reissued the LP sixteen years on so that fans old and new can take on an album that doesn't sound dated, even in a different century.

Read Rich's review of the Criminals' Never Been Caught right here.

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