Morrissey book agreement back on for UK, EU

As you may recall, on Friday it was announced that Morrissey had decided to stop the release of his autobiography via Penguin Books. Well, as is the tumultuous and passionate way of life relating to all things Morrissey, Morrissey fan site True to You, which regularly receives dispatches from His Moziness Himself, has stated that the book deal is back on for release in the UK and Europe. Penguin Books is still the publisher. But there is currently no distribution agreement for the States and Morrissey is currently looking for a deal for release of the book stateside.

In the meantime, those of us in the States will have to shell out big bucks for the imported version of the 660 page tome like we did with those pricey Smiths 12-inch singles back in the day. ("Maybe the autobiography will have an unreleased b-side!") So, until then, in the spirit that is the envelope pushing entity known as Morrissey, feel free to to click here for a NSFW, but tasteful, photo of Moz and his band.