Today's first review is from yours truly, and is of Samiam's newly remixed and reissued Whatever's Got You Down:

Like an arc angel, Jeff Dean descended from Chicago, placing his steady hand on Samiam's shoulders -- and his other hand on some knobs and buttons inside Million Yen Studios -- and breathed new life into Whatever's Got You Down. It's remixed, remastered and wholly restored. This is Whatever's Got You Down the way it was meant to be heard.

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Then, reader Torgo shares his thoughts on the new EP from Lake Effect, Genuine Bonds:

Lo-fi indie rock. While vague, reading that description will make someone either roll their eyes or become immediately intrigued. To the eye rollers: Stop mid-roll and appreciate when it's done exceptionally well, like on this EP by New Jersey's Lake Effect.

Read the review here.

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