Dan Yemin (Paint it Black) and Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United)

Frank the Cat, is delighted to bring you the best of the year guest lists from Dan Yemin of Paint It Black and Joel Tannenbaum of Plow United. Enjoy!

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Image Dan Yemin is in Paint it Black, Lifetime, Armalite and Kid Dynamite. His list is in no particular order.

Permanent Ruin: Hell Is Real

Adelante Discos

All you need to know is this quote from the lyric sheet: "Permanent Ruin endorses a lifestyle free of bullshit posers." Made a believer out of me. Male-backed speed-freak brutality.

KA: The Night's Gambit

Iron Works

Some seriously dark, brooding and thoughtful shit from this Brooklyn MC. Ferocious, but in the most understated & elegant way. Dude makes all his own beats too.

Iron Lung: White Glove Test


#gamechanger. A two-piece that's heavier and faster than your five-piece, even on your best day. The accompanying noise LP was meant to be played simultaneously, and will ruin your head. Psychedelic.

El-P & Killer Mike: Run The Jewels

Fool's Gold Records

Makes the apocalypse sound like a party I'd want to be invited to. "Pan Africanist gangsta rap."

Waxahatchee: Cerulean Salt

Don Giovanni

Stunning. Lovely. Haunting. Recorded at the same house where we wrote the Armalite LP.

Night Birds: Born To Die In Suburbia

Grave Mistake Records

Like a time warp where you get to see "Group Sex"-era Circle Jerks blow up your face, but without having to deal with the wanton thuggery of the early '80s Hermosa Beach scene.

Swearin': Surfing Strange

Salinas Records

I'd crawl through manure to listen to this band play. Like the Muffs meets Nirvana but recorded in a Philadelphia basement and downshifted to the relative minor key. 2013 is the year the Crutchfield sisters took over, and it's a better world because of it. Musician crush on the drummer, who also gets the Aaron Cometbus style award for 2013.

Radiator Hospital: Something Wild

Salinas Records

Philadelphia owned this year. So proud. But please don't move here from Brooklyn and drive the rents up.

Savages: Silence Yourself


Reliving my adolescence with these highly stylized Siouxsie & the Bunnymen-esque tunes. Somber and thought provoking, while also being wildly energetic.

Kanye West: Yeezus

Def Jam

Just admit it, it's amazing. This LP full of Dälek rip-offs is a testament to what one can accomplish with unmitigated narcissism and an MPC.

Image Joel Tannenbaum is in Plow United. He said of his list:

Now that it’s all typed and edited, I’m looking at this list and I’m like "This is a good list." I like that there are two self-released records on it. I like that the biggest label represented on the list is freaking Recess Records. I like how different the records sound from each other. But just in general, I like this list because it tells me that the world might be a total mess and the music industry might as well have had a hydrogen bomb dropped on it, but, creatively anyway, people are making fucking awesome punk rock records and showing no sign of stopping. Also, 2013 is the year I got a PhD. Screw you guys. Love, Joel.


NONA: Through the Head


Whatever happens, this is a really good record. Remember that in 2015 when you can buy a Nona shirt in Hot Topic.


Chumped: Chumped


Not pointing any fingers here, but pop-punk went through kind of a rough patch in the mid-2000s, and this exuberantly earnest record is a sign that the bad times are over. Phew.


Martin: The Worst Part

Square of Opposition

Apparently it’s grown-up time in West Chester, PA. Works for me.


White Night: Prophets ov Templum CDXX


These guys are high as fuck and it’s awesome.


Lipstick Homicide: Out Utero

Bloated Kat

Amazing record from amazing band with amazing future.


Goddamnit: How To Take The Burn


Three guitars of awesome.

Tie 3 & 4

Pity Party: Fine Young Animals and Worriers: Cruel Optimist

Psychic Volt and Don Giovanni

The Measure[SA] broke up in 2011 and that sucked, but the good news is two great bands came out of it, and they both released records this year. You’ve probably heard the Worriers record already, as you should have, but you probably haven’t heard the Pity Party record, and you really ought to. And of course the punchline of all this is that Mikey Erg is in both bands.


Screaming Females/Tenement: Split 7


I love Tenement and bought this record for the Tenement side, but holy shit, the Screaming Females song will melt your face off like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I love this record, but I miss having a face.


Big Awesome: Birdfeeder


This record gives me chills. That’s why it wins.