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In a recent interview with Exclaim, Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace talked about plans for a new live Against Me! album, her documentary series and a book.

Regarding the live album, Grace says:

"It's crazy, because at this point, having six studio albums and a bunch of EPs, there are almost a good hundred Against Me! songs," says Grace about the upcoming live album and their storied career. "To have the lineup we have right now and to feel really strong about the way we're playing and to see how those songs that we've been playing for a long time have evolved over however many years… The idea of taking the best of the best and putting together a solid 25- to 30-song record that can reintroduce some songs in their present form and really try to capture what happens when we're onstage, which is vastly different from what happens in a studio, I just think it's a cool document and worthwhile to do."

Against Me!'s most recent album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, was released last January.