Saturday Photo Feature: October 18, 2014

Welcome back to the Saturday Photo Feature. We've got some great shots from Annie Hobbs and Patrick Gonzales. Annie snaps some shots of Restorations and Typesetter. Meanwhile, Patrick visits Rock the Bells and also gets a shot of Defeater.

Annie Hobbs is a nomad photographer from St. Louis originally. She has lived in Chicago, Kansas City, San Diego, Costa Rica, and is currently moving to Santiago, Chile. She is probably the least punk punk you could meet. She enjoys getting drunk at punk shows and taking photos. See more of her stuff at her website or for the raw stuff (and some overlap) her tumblr. Patrick Gonzales originally hails from the skateboard heaven who know as Albuquerque, New Mexico. He left when he was twenty to go start becoming a photographer out in California. He started shooting bands around the Santa Barbara area at first and then eventually started shooting out in Paris. Currently finishing up living in Paris, he plans to go back to California to shoot street photography, fashion, skateboarding and music. To see more images follow him on instagram at @severophotography.

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