by Tours

Broadcaster and Astpai are heading to Europe next month for a tour together.

May 5, 2015Paris, FRLe Glazart
May 6, 2015Leuven, BERock Café
May 7, 2015Le Havre, FRMac Daids
May 8, 2015Montaigu, FRLes Rhinos Feroces
May 9, 2015Zürich, CHObenuse Fest
May 10, 2015Bourg En Bresse, FRLa Tannerie
May 11, 2015Angouleme, FRLe Mars
May 12, 2015Bordeaux, FRL’Heretic
May 13, 2015Le Mans, FRLa Source
May 14, 2015Tavannes, CHLa Combe 5
May 15, 2015TBA, ITTBA
May 16, 2015Codogno, ITTerminal 1
May 17, 2015Bologna, ITFreakout Club
May 18, 2015Wien, ATDas Bach
May 19, 2015Graz, ATSub
May 20, 2015Timelkam, ATGei