by TKO

Here's what TKO Records has lined up for the coming months:

On August 4th they'll release the compilation "Boston Scene Report." It'll include all previously unreleased tracks from bands like Suspect Device, Tommy & The Terrors, A-Team and Fast Actin' Fuses.

Also on the fourth Strychnine's "Oakland Stadtmusikanten: Live in Bremen, Germany" drops. This was recorded at the last show Strychnine's 2002 European tour at the Friesenstrasse in Bremen, Germany. From the press release: "This is the best documentation to date of the Mad Oakland Dogs' balls-out, going-for-broke delivery of their signature brand of chaotic Punk Rock n' Roll. It's all here- the hits, the surprise covers, the witty between-song banter…"

Later on October 6th TKO will reissue Those Unknown's 1995 self-titled debut album. The influential album is cited as an influence by bands like One Man Army. The Dropkick Murphys, Ducky Boys and the Beltones.