Dead F*cking Serious: "Never Again"
by Streams

Punknews is excited to premiere a new single by socio-political hardcore punk trio Dead Fucking Serious. The song, "Never Again," is inspired by the activism of the Stoneman Douglas High shooting survivors, especially those of pupil Emma Gonzalez, in confronting the carnage of gun violence in America, and the politicians and lobbyist groups which perpetuate it. Clocking in at less that 1 1/2 minutes, the song not only embodies the righteous anger and fear of living in a trigger-happy nation, but also the nascent determination of these teens to change the status quo.

DFS' most recent album, Squalor, was released in January of last year. You can read Punknews' four-star review of that album here after checking out the new single below (note- the track artist is listed as Sammy Warm Hands, who is the lead vocalist/guitarist of DFS, rest-assured this is officially a DFS song).