Check out the new track by The Intelligence!

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new track by The Intelligence!

The Intelligence are noisy and threatening. The band takes the wigged-out buzz of The Velvet Underground and adds a certain menace to the haze via sharp, Gang of Four style riffs. This music sounds as misanthropic as it does chaotic and that's what makes it damn fun.

Speaking to Punknews, Guitarist Lars Finberg said, "This is a song from our first album, I thought for the live set it would be interesting to include stuff from every album to see if the songwriting had improved, stayed exactly the same or deteriorated. Living in my bubble, I think it sounds downright modern for being 14 years old."

Live in San Francisco is out September 14 via Castle Face records. Check out the live cut of "Telephone Wires" below, right now.