Damage City Fest announce full line up

DC based hardcore/punk festival Damage City Fest announced the full line up for their 2019 festival. Screaming Females, Night Birds, Regional Justice Center, Despise You, Krimewatch and much more are set to perform. The festival will happen on April 11th to 14th, 2019 in Washington DC. Tickets for the festival are on sale now. You can click here for more info on the festival.

DAMAGED CITY FEST 2019 line up

Acquisition (DC)
Aertex (DC)
Asesinato (DC)
Bad Sports (TX)
Blu Anxxiety (NY)
Body Pressure (TX)
Coke Bust (DC)
Corrode (MA)
Corvo (DC)
Dare (CA)
Despise You (LA)
Devil Master (PA)
Frisk (UK)
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads (NY)
Haram (NY)
Impulso (Italy)
Inmates (OH)
Jackal (FL)
Kaleidoscope (NY)
Krimewatch (NY)
Low Vision (Japan)
Μάτι (NY)
Mil-Spec (CAN)
Milk (Japan)
Narrow Head (TX)
Night Birds (NJ)
Plastic Taste (VA)
Protester (DC)
Raw Brigade (Colombia)
Regional Justice Center (WA)
Rotten Mind (Sweden)
S.H.I.T. (CAN)
Screaming Females (NJ)
Sex Pill (TX)
Stigmatism (NY)
Syringe (MD)
The Ire (PA)
The Pose (TX)
The Rememberables (DC)
The Wound (UK)
Torso (CA)
Truth Cult (MD)
Zorn (PA)