Tony Sly
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C. Fulsty has spoken to Punknews about his future plans for the Tony Fly series, which is based on late No Use For A Name frontman and solo artist Tony Sly. C. Fulsty released Tony's Butterflies in 2018, which was a Children's book following Tony Fly and his butterfly daughters. It seems now that C. Fulsty is working on a sequel to his book. Speaking directly to Punknews C. Fulsty had this to say, "The book will be a sequel and will be about what Tony is doing on top of the clouds. I also plan for the book to focus more on Tony and his music. I will try to tie in more lyrics. Like I mentioned, it will have another warning that it 'may cause tears'." The book is currently being written/illustrated and is expected out late 2019 or 2020.