Oh Sees are going to release a box set comprised of twelve 8-track cartridges. The albums are selected from Oh Sees large discography and also includes some other items such as stickers and a zine. That's out via 5Seven records later this year.

As to the 8-tracks themselves, apparently, 8-track pressing plants are hard to come by, so the label had to manually recondition each cartridge by hand from used parts. They stated: "All of these carts were reconditioned from previously owned pre-loved 40+ year old 8-tracks. That means that these 8-tracks have been beat up and played in old pickup trucks for decades, they are NOT going to be mint condition. Each boxset will be unique because each cart will be completely different. Also, given the carts are all different sizes, shapes, and different manufacturers, the newly printed labels are going to sit on the carts differently and the labels will show some signs of wear in different places as they mold to the carts. In other words dont expect a flawless mint set that came straight off the factory floor."