Jersey City xylophone-maniac-punkers Crazy and the Brains are going to release a new EP and it's called Where the Juice Drips!

As always, the band is wild, weird, and they mix up charging punk with art-rock and folk-punk styles. But on the new release, recorded by Pete of The Bouncing Souls, the band band is kicking it out full throttle!

Speaking to Punknews, the singer Christoph Jesus said, "We started workin on these songs last August, getting ready for a Canadian tour with our friends Days N Daze in October and the week after tour we had studio time with Pete from the Bouncing Souls in Asbury Park NJ. We sat boxed up working on this EP before tour and the first time anyone else heard some of these songs were the kids in the Canada and they flipped and crowd surfed to it, so we figured these songs were cool.

One of the songs "I DON'T DELIVER PIZZA ANYMORE" - following the style of how we rolled in the early days, debuted at an open mic. [Our guitar player] Ernest heard the demo and demanded we keep the song as is, simple and raw. We mainly followed that except for adding strings suggested by [our xylophonist] Jeff. We played this song for the first time as a full band to a crowd in Canada. A lot of kids out there shared their own pizza delivery job stories with us, Canadian kids are cool, Canadian pizza sucks.

I’d like to say I find no relation to corny pizza memes or the overly played out goofy pizza themes beat to death by pop punk and hipster bands of recent. I used to deliver for Helen's Pizza in Jersey City, NJ. This song is a summoning of self confidence and a clear and simple fuck you to anyone who doubts me.

Jen Fantaccione plays cello on this track too, she gigs with The Front Bottoms, she is bad ass. This ones called I DON’T DELIVER PIZZA ANYMORE."

The new EP will be out on a 7-inch on May 1. You can pre-order that bad boy right here and check out the new track below, right now! The band is also live steaming a show at 9m est tonight. You'll be able to check that out here!