Hold on to your nose because this track is going to tear your face off! We're excited to debut the new video by Cinemartyr. It is no joke!

Cinemartyr is the weirdo punk-metal band that makes fractured, berserk music that is artsy, but also, shall we say, BRUTAL AS HELL. The video for "AR-15" is no exception. Across a series fo discordant images, (some pleasant, most nasty-as-hell), the band cranks out far-out metal punk that pounds with an industrial cadence but thrashes about like any of the noise-rock titans. If Unsane worked with Godflesh, it might sound like this.

The band's Shane Harrington spoke to us about the track: "'AR-15' was the last track to be written and recorded for Death Of The First Person. I felt like the album wasn't ugly enough, wasn't unmusical enough. There was a slight disconnect in my vision of what I wanted the album to be and what it actually was at that point, as a collection. I needed some more bleakness to "finish the painting' so to speak. Then along came this song and the painting was done. I prefer for people to entirely build their own stories or associations when they listen to a song. But I guess, in general, for me at the time, there was a lot of dwelling on themes around the creative process, failure and what it's like to keep making things because you have to make things. The song isn't about guns. I think it might be more so looking at the concept of conflict, or provocative objects and how we react. These types of conflicts come up all the time for the individual in the creative process, internally, as they do with the community as we navigate new terrain, new ideas. This might be my favorite song I've written. I hope to keep my eye on the bleak as I make more. To paraphrase someone; "The obstacle is the way."

You can pre-order the band's new album right here! Meanwhile, you can check out the new video below (but be sure to take out some solid insurance first).