D.I. release album of re-recorded hits

D.I. have released an album that finds the band re-recording hits from throughout their catalogue. It's out via Cleopatra and is called "Greatest Hits A-Z." Notably, the album has the songs sequenced in alphabetical order and includes a "cover" of Adolescents' "Amoeba," which was co-written by D.I. founder Casey Royer when he was still in that band. You can see the tracklist below.

Greatest Hits A-Z
1. Amoeba
2. Chiva [CD ONLY]
3. Colors And Blood [CD ONLY]
4. Dying In The USA
5. Falling Out
6. Guns
7. Hang Ten In East Berlin
8. Imminent War
9. Johnny’s Got A Problem
10. No Moms
11. Nuclear Funeral
12. O.C. Life
13. Obnoxious
14. Pervert Nurse
15. Purgatory
16. Reagan Der Fuhrer
17. Richard Hung Himself
18. Spiritual Law
19. Stand Up
20. Stick To Your Guns
21. Tragedy Again [CD ONLY]
22. Venus De Milo
23. Youth In Asia