Morning in May: 'I Still Can’t Even'
by Music

We are so pleased to bring to you an all new Punknews exclusive premiere for Cleveland based emo solo act Morning In May. Upon signing to Manic Kat Records earlier this year, Morning In May is the solo project of Jake Bartolic, he just re-released I Still Can’t Even, tracks from the EP was originally released 5 years ago. Below is the full exclusive stream and quote from the band.

“I Can’t Even was a chapter in my life that was the first real EP we put out.” lead vocalist Jake Bartolic said regarding the EP. “Morning In May was finding our fitting as a band when we made it. It feels like Warped Tour to me how new we were at music.” “I really wanted to re-release it so that it would get the love it deserves and so that it’s not so DIY anymore.” Bartolic said regarding the re-release. “Our producer at the time, Jeremy Stimpert, helped the band hone our sound on this record and really bring that deep, fun and fast sound to life.”