The Noname announce 'Sick and Tired' 15th anniversary reissue

China based punk rockers The Noname have announced that they will be reissuing their debut album Sick and Tired to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The reissue will be available on vinyl via Kids-Union Records on January 1. The Noname will be touring the US and Europe next year and released their split with Big D and the Kids Table, Boston to Xi'an, in 2021. Check out the tracklist below.

Sick and Tired 15th Anniversary Edition Tracklist

1. Smash Everything

2. Out Of Control

3. Youth Dream

4. Come Together

5. Don't Look Back

6. Get Free

7. Striver For You

8. Trashes Violence Society

9. Under The Flag

10. Chaos Changan

11. No Time To Think