Today, we are pleased to debut the new video by Brian Krumm.

In the vein of John Doe, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. Krumm tells slow burning stories that swing towards the dark. "Steve and the Miracle 3" is bolted to a Western clickity clack while Krumm speaks of the chaos that is the life of a traveling musician. You may hear a little later day strummer somewhere in there too…

Speaking to Punknews, Krumm said, "The song Steve & the Miracle 3 was inspired by the Orange Blossom Special fest in Beverungen, Germany, that my band The Great Crusades played at many times. I actually wrote the lyrics from all the names of the artists that played the festival in June 2001. They are all listed on a poster hanging in my basement studio, including such artists as Hazeldine, Neal Casal, Reto Burrell and Steve Wynn. The festival has always been one of the favorite places that I've played over the years, so this song was a tribute to it. All of the archival footage in the video is taken from the OBS and general European tours that we've done over the years. The opening shot where I'm reading a book was a nod to Peter Buck, who hates making videos and can sometimes been seen in the background reading while REM videos are being shot. The very last shot is kind of a dream sequence reference. Maybe it all was a dream!"

You can check out the video below right now!