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The official website of the Beastie Boys has noted that Adam Yauch will be producing the new studio album by pioneering hardcore act Bad Brains. The band recorded the record in Yauch's studio and it's currently in mixing. As for the Beasties' own penchant for the occasional punk song Yauch commented "I love playing hardcore, but it has been kind of nice to just focus on hip-hop for a minute. It's like a different mindset, and to stay in it for a stretch is kind of nice. Playing an instrument is like a different way of thinking."

The Beasties have just announced the title and track list to their own upcoming album, titled To The 5 Boroughs, their first full length since 1998's Hello Nasty. The first single according to Billboard will be "Ch-Check It Out." .

"Ch-Check It Out"
"Right Right Now Now"
"The Hard Way"
"Time To Build"
"Rhyme the Rhyme Well"
"Triple Trouble"
"Hey Fuck You"
"Oh Word?"
"That It's That All"
"All Life Styles"
"An Open Letter to NYC"
"Crawl Space"
"The Brouhaha"
"We Got The"