Consumed - Hit For Six (Cover Artwork)


Hit For Six (1999)

Fat Wreck Chords

A lot of different labels have been applied to Consumed. Skate-punk, post-punk, hardcore-punk revival, etc. But one thing is certain: Consumed is punk. Formed in 1994 in an industrial town in Nottinghamshire, England outside of Sherwood Forest (think Robin Hood), the British quartet quickly gained popularity and a presence in the national punk scene. They played punk songs at punk shows with a punk attitude, and people noticed. Consumed would sign with indie giant Fat Wreck Chords, go on to tour the U.K. with NOFX and even make it onto the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soundtrack before breaking up in 2003.

Right from the start, Hit for Six sets a blistering pace and refuses to slow down, clocking 14 songs in just under 34 minutes. The quartet's raw power is balanced out by excellent, but not overly complex songwriting on every track. Guitar leads, instrumentals, harmonies, bridges and breakdowns all come together masterfully without losing the "bare bones" punk aesthetic that Consumed cultivated so well. Add in powerful hooks, fresh and catchy (but not too catchy) lyrics and riffs, and their uniquely British charm, and you get a great album that just came five years too late to really "break out."

Nitpickers will point out that some intros and instrumentals get a bit long and that "King Kong Song" actually breaks the three-minute mark. But these minor imperfections hardly detract from the overall quality of the album. Consumed hit the nail right on the head with their first full-length. Relentless drums, vicious guitar riffs, passionate vocals and an almost cliche jaded and irreverent tone all come through loud and clear in all of the right ways. Hit for Six is not just Consumed's best album, but one of the best punk albums of the '90s and one of my personal favorite albums.