Sister Kisser / Rumspringer - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Sister Kisser / Rumspringer

Split [7-inch] (2012)

Dead Broke Rekerds / Different

A split EP from two bands that might not have crossed the aural paths of many of the readers of Punknews, but both of which are deserving of a modicum of attention as a minimum, given that this 7-inch contains four songs all of above average quality melodic punk rock.

Dealing with Sister Kisser (Long Island, NY) first, "Bear Blood" opens with a beautiful guitar sound soon accompanied by some group vocals before heading into a more beardy/Fest-like feast of a song that has quite an uplifting quality throughout. There are moments in which it reminds me of Timeshares, a compliment I hasten to add, as it's far from being a straightforward track with occasional twists and turns adding to the enjoyment of listening to it. "Contain and Refrain" is a more restrained song, featuring a strong bass sound that helps pump the track along, aided and abetted by some simple but effective guitar work (the opening riff is really good and I could listen to that over and over) that helps it flow nicely to a conclusion.

Rumspringer (Tempe, AZ) seem to have a tighter sound, which mainly comes from a crisper, fuzzed guitar and an efficient rhythm section (there is some particularly good bass work in both tracks), all melding together in a cohesive manner. "It's Been Awhile …" is a mid-paced 185 seconds of melodic goodness that features a really tasty bridge (the guitar sound is exceptional and reminds me of The Ruts' "Staring at the Rude Boys"), whilst "… And It'll Be Awhile" provides just three seconds less of a similar sound, although I would add that overall, it eclipses the first track in terms of being my favourite of the two Rumspringer offerings. I'd add that during both tracks I hear bits that remind me of No Use For A Name, Doc Hopper and Sinkhole if that helps anyone get a handle on this band.

Having heard both bands before, it was Rumspringer that I had previously favoured but purely on the evidence of this EP, I'd have to say that Sister Kisser come out slightly on top, with the two better tracks out of the four: both seem to have a bit more about them both in terms of containing a sense of passion as well as having more of a fuller and less restricted sound. A good release and worth checking out via Dead Broke Rekerds Bandcamp page