Larry And His Flask - live in Brooklyn (Cover Artwork)
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Larry And His Flask

live in Brooklyn (2013)

live show

A little bit of bluegrass and such passed through the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 28 when Larry And His Flask barrelled through. The show featured three solid acts, and honestly I had seen the three acts on that night a total of one time, so it was nice to go in with an open mind. I left impressed by all three acts overall.

Up first was Kayleigh Goldsworthy from Brooklyn, NY. For those who are unfamiliar, Kayleigh is originally one of the founding members of the Syracuse Indie Rock sextet The Scarlet Ending, and upon moving to Brooklyn has been working on her solo material. She was also recently featured for a few dates with the Revival Tour in the fall. There was a good crowd there upon her opening, and Kayleigh showed great stage presence during her roughly 25 minute set. Two songs that stood out in particular was "San Francisco" and "Streetlights." She engaged the crowd well, and the set kept everyone's attention. Keep an eye out for Kayleigh Goldworthy the next time she plays in your area.

Up next was the Blind Owl band from Sarnac Lake, NY. It might not be the first place you may think of when it comes to bluegrass-inspired bands, but nevertheless their sound left no doubt what they were aiming for. This four-piece brought high energy with all of their songs, even without the presence of a drummer and only a guitar, double bass, banjo, and mandolin. Arthur Buezo (guitar), Eric Munley (mandolin), and James Ford (banjo) all shared vocal duties seamlessly as Christian Cardiello (bass) kept the rhythm in check. "Missoula, Montana" was a standout and catchy song in particular, along with "Fiddle Don't" and "Needle And Thread." Their beards need to be mentioned as they are definitely something to write home about, even in a sea of beards that occupied the Knitting Factory that night. The Blind Owl Band certainly served as an excellent precursor as for what was to come.

Last but not least were Larry And His Flask. The six-piece genre-blending outfit from Redmond, OR are out on tour in support for their self-released new record By The Lamplight. This was the last stop on their current tour, and band played with the energy as if it were their first day out. From moving constantly to getting the crowd involved, there was an electric atmosphere throughout their set. The crowd ate it up and was boisterous and inebriated to say the least, but there was no shortage of dancing and partying on the floor that often spilled onto the stage. Highlight songs from their set included "Pandemonium," "Ebb and Flow," "Land Of The F(r)ee," "The Battle of Clear Sight," "Slow It Down," and a great cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On."

One other highlight of the night was a love letter from a fan that was read on stage. The letter was penned by an anonymous woman (or perhaps I missed the name) who talked about how her love with her significant other (Matt) blossomed in the the bathroom, hence the couple being referred to as bathroom lovers for the rest of the night. True story.

Special guest of the night was Roscoe "Party Wolf" Wuestewald. He is a member of the band Onward etc. and came out for a few songs, included an Onward etc. cover entitled "Old Soul." Later in the night, Roscoe lived up to his "Party Wolf" moniker by requesting to be crowd surfed to the sound guy for high fives for a job well done.

For all of the energy and stage presence Larry And His Flask possessed, the most entertaining person for me at least was Jeshua Marshall on the double bass. Between the bass twirling, high jumps, acrobatic dancing, high leg kicks and overall consistent interaction with the crowd, Jeshua proved to best represent the non-stop high energy party that the band strives for.

For someone who has only seen the band once before, this show was a definite treat, as well as a non-stop party. I would highly recommend catching their tour with Murder By Death this fall. I'm sure the shows will not disappoint.