Lifetime - Boys No Good 7'' (Cover Artwork)


Boys No Good 7'' (1996)

Jade Tree

For those of you who are addicted to buying seven inch records, you cant go wrong with this one. It was released a few months before Lifetime put out their second album, Jersey's Best Dancers. The a-side ,Boys no Good, comes from JBD, and is a rockin' sing along. It's a shining example of what Jersey's Best Dancers sounds like. The B-side, Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey, is not available anywhere but on this release,(to my knowledge anyway) and is reason enough to buy this 7''. So melodic, so loud, and so punk. If you want to hear what you've been missing, this single is a perfect place to start. Once you hear Lifetime's unique sound, you're sure to get hooked like I did.