Sick Of It All - Last Act Of Defiance (Cover Artwork)
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Sick Of It All

Last Act Of Defiance (2014)

Century Media

For close to 30 years, Sick Of It All have been the definitive name in hardcore. Although they have never been a band to reinvent the wheel in a vein similar to the likes of Refused or Fucked Up, they've consistently churned out solid releases year after year.

Last Act Of Defiance is unapologetically a Sick Of It All record in the truest form. From the blistering intro track "Sound the Alarm," with an urgency akin to previous records like Built To Last, to the anthemic single "Get Bronx," with a call-and-answer chorus reminiscent of their Fat Wreck Chords-era material on Yours Truly, SOIA appears to have come full-circle in encompassing their vast catalog of prior works. And speaking of those past records, one can't help but smile a bit when listening to "Never Back Down," with a pulsating bass line and booming gang-vocals similar to their classic "Step Down" from 1994's Scratch the Surface.

On the flip side, the track "DNC" comes off a bit generic, with fairly cliche choruses like "I'll always be a threat, to an unjust government". As the closing track, it just doesn't round out the intensity contained within the rest of the album.

To summarize, if you like Sick Of It All, you will definitely enjoy Last Act Of Defiance. Not only is it a fresh, focused and very hard-hitting record from the kings of NYHC, its a fun trip down memory lane. If you're not familiar with SOIA, I'd suggest starting with their earlier material, but definitely making your way to this album.