Push Ups - This Isn't Discourse [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Push Ups

This Isn't Discourse [EP] (2013)


Be prepared for when Push Ups drop Grow Up or Die Trying. They've begun teasing with This Isn't Discourse and at two tracks, it's punctuated just how much of a teaser this really is. There's enough West Philly hardcore/punk in the trio to leave you craving more. Much more.

Add in elements of screamo and skramz, and Push Ups have a brilliant plan laid internally. There's a Touche Amore comparison I can allude to but as it's less clean, heavily raw and steeped in distorted guitars, I'd rather let you listen to the enigmatic interplay on "Too Drunk At A Wedding." The title says it all, right? The start-stop guitar work, the hardcore licks and thumping kit-work are near-perfect.

Flowing into "Who Will Retweet Me When You're Dead," the riffing that commences and the anguish that vocalist Zac Beaver tapers to the track is undeniably effective. He tempers his gruff delivery on the back of Jarret Nathan's well-timed drums. The anguish from Beaver carves and it's the exclamation point I needed after hearing their 2012 single "Oblivion Seekers United." Stuffing straight-up sick guitar hooks into the hardcore-punk rhythm isn't easy but they've dressed the record well.

This won't languish like some theatrical after-credits Marvel trailer where you'll have to wait 2 years for a final product... but it'll leave you thirsty for more, which is gonna be coming sooner than you think. It's pleasantly entertaining and with this growing passion, I can't wait to see Push Ups groom their expertise when their full-length hits. Reckless abandon works for them. Brilliantly so.