Dead Tired - S/T (Cover Artwork)

Dead Tired

S/T (2015)

New Damage Records

Dead Tired's self-titled full length is filled with heavy and explosive tracks from start to finish. George Petit still has that unrelenting and recognizable thrashy voice that helped lay down the foundations for what Alexisonfire became and honestly, who ever said he lost it? The combination of his vocals along with the blasting guitars give you a bit of a feel like, well, Negative Approach actually - especially on the first track "Court of Public Opinion", a perfect way to start the whole record and introduce the band to the masses on a whole.

Another notable track, "All Hands" in which the intro gives you a vibe of "Six Pack" by Black Flag and continues on to a very similar feel of Black Flag altogether-- anything from the rough, hardcore sound to the brief length of two minutes. One of the top tracks from the whole album.

The featured album artwork involves a demon lying on top of a sleeping woman signifying a nightmare, in reference to a 1781 painting by Henry Fuseli titled The Nightmare. It seems only fitting for a hardcore band that's named Dead Tired.

All being said, this is shaping up to be a spectacular release by the band. The only question is how will all this work with the recent Alexisonfire reunion announcement? Granted they are mostly festival shows but it all still comes at a vital time when Dead Tired is hitting all these milestones (signing, album release, etc.) it will quite possibly interfere with all the momentum they've been gaining the past year.
Let's hope they figure out how to make it work side by side with their other projects.