Peace Be Still - Dumb Dads (Cover Artwork)

Peace Be Still

Dumb Dads (2016)


I like hearing new and upcoming bands. It is one of the most bitter sweet and potentially cringe-worthy experiences out there. Fortunately for my old and cantankerous ear drums, Peace Be Still from Toronto provided me with the sweet side of the experience.

Toronto has a lot of awesome bands; if I’m not mistaken I have covered this point in the past, so I will just say that being from such a musically active place it can be easy to get lost in the mix. Peace Be Still sound like a band from Ontario right out of the gates, I hear the Dallas Green vibe, I can hear the Moneen guitar tones, and front and center I hear Grade. I love Grade, and I like what Peace Be Still are doing with Dumb Dads.

The Grade influence definitely bleeds through in the vocals, while not as raspy, they are delivered well. I like the jangly emo guitar lines, and the thoughtfully laid out choruses as well. My only complaint with Dumb Dads is that it isn’t the most cohesive full length I’ve ever heard, it is clear that this band is still working to find themselves. That being said, they have showcased a large amount of skill musically, and song writing wise. A stand out moment being “Congratulations Ryan and Michelle”, it is catchy with a nostalgic 90’s emo charm.

Dumb Dads sounds like a new bands first full length. That being said, it is a solid and enjoyable first full length. I really like what they are going for here, and am most definitely curious to hear the next album that Peace Be Still is working on. Check them out FFO: Moneen, Grade, Sunny Day Real Estate.