Boys Night Out / Fordirelifesake / The End / The Rescue / District 7 - live in Burlington (Cover Artwork)

Boys Night Out / Fordirelifesake / The End / The Rescue / District 7

live in Burlington (2003)

live show

Friday night rolls around. Ive got nothing better to do so I head up to Burlington, Ontario. The venue is a weird comunity center that holds marching band practice, but very cool none the less.

Ottawa's District 7 opened the show with a 25min set filled with energy. Id best describe this band as skate punk. They were tight musically and their lyrics seemed to be politically minded. I had seen them at warped tour last year and was excitied to see the guys again.

Next up was Rescue. Im not a big fan of slow techinical music. They were good at what they did, but didnt do much for me.

After rescue came The End, the band that I had come to see. The only word i can use to describe The End, is chaotic. They blasted out a set full of energy and badass breakdowns. There was a ton of great dancing , including a light saber fight..I most closley compare them to Dillinger Escape Plan, but that comparison doesnt do them justice.

Up next was Detroit's very own, Fordirelifesake. Easily the most pleasant surprise of the night. Tight music and melodic sing alongs made them a new favorite. I suguest Fordirelifesake to anyone that likes bands such as Thrice, Recover etc.

During the next band I took a break to get some food. From what I heard, i wasnt too impressed.

And last up was Boys Night Out. I cant say enough about this band. Memorable lyrics and a great stage presence has put these guys on the map. My opinion, Boys Night Out could be the next big thing. Watch for them. Fans of Atreyu,Saves The Day, Alexisonfire could easily get into this band.

All in all, it was a very well spent 5$. Gotta love the exchange rate. Burlington shows never seem to dissapoint.