sparechange00 - at first sight (Cover Artwork)


at first sight (2000)


Somewhere along the line, this band must have listened to the Ataris. They sound too similar for it to be a coincidence. It's the love-lost,mid tempo, emotional punk that can be found on every Ataris release to date. However, that doesn't necessarily doesn't make it bad. In fact, this album rocks.

It opens with the fastest track on the album "Heading out into Night", and just continues to get better. "Dearest Friend", "Brother", "The One", and "Freedom of the Summer's Breeze" all keep the intensity level high through out the cd. The lyrics are mostly about love(ataris) but they are pretty sincere and well written. Sparechange00's best quality is their ability to go from all out punk to an instance of meloncholy, then back to the rock.That seems to be a quality lots of bands are picking up on these days(thank or blame Jawbreaker for that one). Their singer has a really good voice, and i did find a couple rippin' basslines poking through the onslaught of loud guitars.

OK, after reading this review, they sound alot like the Ataris. But with good lyrics, talented musicianship, and fast, loud music, how can you go wrong? Well, there are a few exceptions, but sparechange00 isn't one of them. Check out "At First Sight" and see for yourself.