Dummy Head Torpedo - Dead Set On Malevolence (Cover Artwork)

Dummy Head Torpedo

Dead Set On Malevolence (2020)


Omaha's Dummy Head Torpedo have finally captured their howling take of punk rock in a bottle with Dead Set On Malevolence.

The LP's curtains swing open with "Viva La Revolucion," donning trumpet and a raspy introduction from vocalist/guitarist Travis O'Malley, before blasting into fast tempos and the calculated ambiance you would find in a heavier Tiger Army song. The title track follows, upping the progressive riffs and time signatures that the four piece outfit hits in cohesion. "Bad Blood In The Water" throws some desired energy into the collection, and with precision from drummer Arick Franke, resulting in a really special moment on the album.

"Gypsy" is a 2 minute banger, blending O'Malley's top notch aggro vocals with some twangy fast skate punk, "Champagne Diamond City" also clocks in at two minutes, but shifts the gears to a dirty, eerie, Bourbon street sound, taking the singer's vocal portfolio to yet another level. "Marching In The Parade" returns Dummy Head to their rockabilly standard, marching the first half of the album in a terrific direction.

"Leper Of A Scene" rips open with punk rock ragtime, a brilliant story with catchy choruses, and excellent moments from bassist Trevor Jaixen. "Fell Off The Rhythm" does the opposite, and the resulting anthem is a spectacular sore thumb, rearing waters of Gaslight Anthem or Against Me, and hoisting the successful execution of Dead Set On Malevolence even higher. "A Luxury You Cannot Afford" re-ups the energy, and shreds with technical riffs and gang vocals. "Where The Buffalo Roam" doo-wops alive with a great mood and Matt Freeman level bass expertize from Jaixen, before the stacked progressive ender "We Own The Night" slams the album shut, and it slams shut hard.

So you've never heard of Dummy Head Torpedo yet? Check out Dead Set On Malevolence. It is fantastic. Much recommend.