The Gamits - Endorsed By You (Cover Artwork)
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The Gamits

Endorsed By You (2000)

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According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, there is no such thing as a "gamit." Does this mean that the band that has had their songs lodged in my head for the past few weeks is merely a figment of my imagination, and I will never get to see them live? I sure as hell hope that's not the case, because this band rocks. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, this three-piece is doing quite the fine job of putting the "rock" back in "punk rock." They have a good blend of Green Day, Weezer, and The Queers as well as insightful lyrics and kickass musicianship. In short, it's really, really good stuff. If I could find my thesaurus, I'd rave even longer. Anyways. Standout tracks are:

  • "Last of the Mullets," a rarity in punk rock because A)it is almost 5 minutes long and B)it is *good*.
  • "And You For Me," the ideal slow dance for a punk rock prom.
  • "Sorry Song," which could pass as a Weezer track if it didn't have that little smidgen of ferocity in it.
  • "Hookless," which is anything but.
    The CD ends with a silly elevator muzak track which ironically makes you want to get back in the elevator and go up and down with the Gamits all over again. Jump on the bandwagon now, before they're huge [and they will be, mark my words].

    Sorry Song

    [taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]