Sick Of It All/ Murphy's Law/With Honor - live in Baltimore (Cover Artwork)

Sick Of It All / Murphy's Law / With Honor

live in Baltimore (2003)

live show

I just want to start off by saying that if you added up the ages (of the members) of the 2 headlining acts that you get a number that has to be quickly approaching 400. That being said and knowing the age of most of the people here remember they are old enough to be your parents. BUT this show was the best thing I've been to in months (comparatively speaking it is better than any show you will ever see in your entire life, but that's just you)

Never Enough started off the night. The boys could definitely use some hair cuts, but their showmanship was right on as was the music. If you like good hardcore then it is safe to say you would like these guys. It's about time Baltimore had some good hardcore bands.

The Program was up next. They love to tell everyone they are from East Bay, so I will safely say that their haircuts were ripping off that of AFI in the mid to late 90's. Their music though was remarkably unlike any good AFI and also remarkably unlike anything I would call good (note that is not saying that only afi is good but just that these guys WEREN'T good). Their singer sounded as if he hit puberty as he was talking a couple times. Being from the wrong coast they just should have stayed there.

With Honor were a lot better than I was expecting. Their haircuts however resembled most that you would see in a J Crew catalog. The only complaint I'd really have with their set is that they had to dedicate every song and/or talk for 2 minutes between each song AND that shit just gets old really quick.

Bring on the old men, Murphy's Law tore shit up. These guys really don't have much hair (except for the new guy who has striking similarities to Kerry King). They played all the songs I wanted to hear: Panty Raid, Quest for Herb, Beer, Crucial Bar-B-Q, and the other hits that i can't think of now. Jimmy's stage presence is pretty much unmatched in punk/hardcore today. Comment of the night award is definitely awarded here to the comments he was making about good ol' Hank Rollins. Something along the lines of how could he ask so much for him performing with out a band and the comment was "What? Let me get this straight No Band, No Neck, No Reason to give $30 fucking dollars to see this." The only fault with their set is that it was too long and I was waiting for Sick Of It All for entirely too long.

There is never a bad Sick Of It All show. My favorite tour they were ever on has to be them supporting Slayer, but this show (once again) was better than anything you will ever experience. Their hair hasn't really changed over the years except craig's lost more of his hair (kinda balding) and Pete still owns the best cut on the stage. Lou's voice was almost pubescent sounding (not unlike the kid in the program), but his reason was that he was sick and not sixteen. B/c of the vocal constraints it was a cut set (which still lasted about an hour). They started (per usual) with Good Looking Out and kept the kids moving the entire time. Set highlights would include their staged contest (ie wall of death: Pete's side -vs- Craig's side) to Scratch the Surface, Built to Last, Call to Arms, and all their other catchy sing-a-long ditties.

If you have never seen this band please do before they hit Rolling Stones' age and have to be taking hits of oxygen between songs. They are amazing live and will make you go home and throw all the shit you would normally consider to be your favorite bands.