Grade - The Embarassing Beginning (Cover Artwork)


The Embarassing Beginning (2000)


I had heard "under the radar" about a year before this came out and loved it. I went and bought all the other albums and ep's, Except for the grade/believe split album because it was out of print.

So when i found out grade was releasing this album with the songs from the split album i was excited to say the least. Along with the 8 songs from the split CD (which are fuckin heavy and hard as hell, not like Inder The Radar) There is the radio version of "a year in the past..forever in the future" acoustic versions of "triumph and tragedy" and "seamless" and an almost exact version of van halens' "panama" (except for kyles' maniacal screaming)

All in all this is a great album and is a must for any grade fan....but if youre more into the emo sound of grade, "under the radar" is for you.