Various - Hearts Bleed Passion (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Hearts Bleed Passion (2004)

Indie Vision

Deep down in all of our bodies we have one true passion that gets us through each day. Everyone is different and their fervors range from music, sports, religion, drugs, art, collecting baseball cards, dancing, etc… The bands chosen for this compilation all share one infatuation, a dedication to the Christian bible.

Hearts Bleed Passion is a 20-track endeavor into the heads of indie rock bands who are struggling to make their way to the front of a crowded scene. Multiple genres are covered, ranging from Zao-influenced hardcore/metal swinging to early MxPx pop-punk with hints of Dogwood, and even truism god influenced emo.

The underlying theme turns me off, despite that I still give these bands credit for doing their part with the instruments rather well. The openers, Dismissed sound more talented than most Thrice clones. The Huntingtons sound rejuvenated with "I Just Want to Feel Alive" caressing their Ramones influences with a modern pop grasp. "Losers Never Win" by Off The Record is a speedy three-chord hit with slick toe tapping breakdowns. Aside from a few duds by Linus, Forever Changed, Johnny Rocky Split, and Divebomber this comp. is well done. Flow is an issue with the wide selection of talent the label has corralled, but there's no need to worry as Creed replicas aren't hiding in the eighty minutes of music.

You know what you're getting your hands into with Indie Vision's "Hearts Bleed Passion" and if that's your thing shell out the five bucks and blast your stereo. If not, there are plenty of other compilations on the shelves of the record stores to empty your wallet on.