Threatener - The Hammering (Cover Artwork)


The Hammering (2004)


Anyone who reads my incoherent posts on this site knows that I am a sucker for a fast record, and Ann Arbor's Threatener delivers in spades. The Hammering EP boasts eight songs and clocks in at just over six minutes, and ranks among the sickest pieces of wax ever to grace my turntable.

Threatener plays a brand of punk stripped of all the unnecessary – mosh parts, emo crap, clean parts, intros, etc., and gets straight to the killing. This record is a raw, relentless fury of blastbeats and over-the-top, blown out vocals. Drawing influence from early 80's bands such as Negative FX and Lärm, Threatener proves they could easily hold court with the kings of thrash and maybe teach the old-timers a thing or two.

Lyrically, The Hammering paints disturbing pictures from the damaged psyche of vocalist Rod McClain; filthy and ugly images are driven home by his hoarse and raging delivery. Here is an example from the song "Societal Runoff:"

In my world there's a gun in every news camera and a chainsaw at every garage sale. This shovel cost me eleven dollars, but by daybreak I'll have had my money's worth. Violent departure from all truth and meaning. God loves an idiot, Religion of Beatings.
Doesn't that make you feel all warm inside? Couple the deranged lyrics with guitar player Lucas Korte's brutally awesome artwork, and The Hammering takes its place as one of 2004's best releases and gives Threatener an impressive debut to say the least.

The first pressing of this record has already sold out, but 625 will be repressing it soon for those who missed out the first time. If your record store doesn't carry this, you can order it from Ebullition.

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