Grade - Headfirst Straight To Hell (Cover Artwork)


Headfirst Straight To Hell (2001)


Grade is one of those bands you just cant help but be drawn to, They have helped shoot victory records to the top of the heap of independent labels. Their unique sound and brand of hardcore just kinda hits you in a way that most music dosent....And this album will speak no less.

Always known for their incredible display of emotion both in their albums and live shows, The band writes incredible lyrics and leaves the listener in complete awe. and so far, all of their records, including this one has made me a true fan.

But to tell you the truth, I was really skeptical about this record at first but without hearing anything I guess because of all the negative talk about this record going around...... but, I heard the first 3 songs yesterday, and went right out and bought it.

They've definitley taken the sucess from Under the Radar, and run with it. This album shows much better guitar work, better song structures and Kyle actually sings a little more this time around.

The first song "termites hollow" is awesome, great song to kick it off with. They keep it going with great songs like "becoming not being" "overthrowing creation itself" "In ashes we lie" "20 moons" "will bending" and others. I had heard a lot of people say that grade seems to write 3 good songs per album, and the rest are songs to fill up space. And I felt the same way the When I first heard And Such is Progress a few years back, but it takes the listener some time to get used to them, really. Because there are not many bands who can capture and create their own sound like Grade can.

Now the big question that will be coming: which is better? Under The Radar, or this record. Well, It's a little too early to make that judgement right now. I loved Under the Radar and was one of my favorites in '99 and HSTH has that similar sound. But HSTH is a bit more upbeat; when I say that I mean a faster, cleaner sound.

To bring it to an end, This is 13 tracks of some awesome hardcore. If you liked Under the Radar, chances are you will like this as well. But if you're not a Grade fan, why did you read this far?