Bolth - Short-Sighted (Cover Artwork)


Short-Sighted (2006)


Only recently has Indianapolis developed a solid punk scene, and Bolth is at the front of the movement. If you live anywhere in central Indiana and you like punk music and are interested in local acts, than chances are you know about Bolth. Sadly, outside of Indiana, few people have had the good fortune to really listen to these Naptown rockers.

Their second album, Short-Sighted is light years ahead of their previous album, Ten Shakes of a Lamb's Tail, for many reasons. The vocals and the lyrics now have some weight to them. Lightly sung skatepunk ditties have evolved into angry, politically-charged hardcore anthems. But this is no 180 turn for Bolth -- it is a natural progression.

The intro to the album does not sound unlike a one-minute clip of a Leftover Crack track, which kind of sets the mood for what kind of progression the band has since their Ten Shakes days. The rest of the album shows the influence of Bad Religion, NOFX, Rise Against and some more Leftover Crack oozes through as well.

"American Idoless" shows the band flexing their ska-punk biceps as they go from angry punk to flawless reggae in a perfect fashion. "Summer of Nicotine" is a straight reggae song -- well, as far as a hardcore band is concerned. The real fire-starter of the album, however, is the riotous anti-Capitalism anthem, "Disposable Outcome," which features guest vocals from Gnat Cummings of the Five Second Cummings and Mitch from Dead in Marseille, both great local Naptown hardcore acts. Short-Sighted ends perfectly with the angrily somber "Recruitment Office," where the band bemoans the military and the senseless death that results from jingoism.

Short-Sighted is an ironic title for an album that demonstrates how much potential Bolth has. This is a step in the right direction. Keep an eye out for the next Bolth record, because it's bound to be even better.