The Queers - Live From West Hollywood (Cover Artwork)

The Queers

Live From West Hollywood (2001)


As cliche as it might be you either love the Queers or you hate them.
Which is understandable since Joe Queers openly takes swings at anyone he wants. But, I personally love them and was extremely happy to see the release of this live disc.

To give a little background, I used to own every Queers disc. From the classic A Day Late And A Dollar Short to the not so classic Beyond The Valley... However, as you might notice I said "used to." It seems that jocks think its fun to break into punks cars and steal their entire CD collection... that's over 100 CD's stolen. So, needless to say I am slowly trying to rebuild my 6 year CD collection, and it is a slow process since I'm piss poor. But, alas The Queers have come to the rescue. They managed to fit 31 blockbuster tunes on this nifty disc that clocks in under an hour. And, in case you can't read between the lines, I successfully replaced my 10 (or so) Queers CD's with this action packed release. This isn't as much a live CD as it is a greatest hits masterpiece.

"But it's a live CD, doesn't the quality suck?"
No, first off it's punk, secondly the quality on this live CD is probably better than some of their earlier releases. So, if your bitching about quality you have no right listening to the Queers, pick up a Blink 182 CD (I'm sure they spent about a million dollars recording it).

To give you all an idea of how break neck a show this was, the Queers didn't take a breathe until song 17, when they finally stopped to thank the opening bands. That is 17 songs with out tunning, whinning, drinking, or doing other rock star antics.. if nothing else that should gain some respect. Basically, if you never heard the Queers but want a good sampling of what they sound like buy this CD, it has everything!