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Best of 2007

Meg's picks (2007)

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Meg Reinecker is a news editor and reviewer here at -ed


Well, you've managed to stumble upon my, Meg, year-end list for 2007. As the sole female news editor for this here ‘zine, I'd like to start by saying thanks for a good year, Punknews, and, good riddance to you, anonymous posting!

While I'm truly honored you decided to look into what albums got the most spins from me this year past, I ask that you not try to make sense of my tastes-- just be thankful I didn't include the surely Punknews reader-approved, punk as fuck "Across the Universe" soundtrack (Jim Sturgess, if you're out there and haven't negatively judged me for having such an un-punk taste in music, I suggest we get married).

Top 20 Albums

#20. Modern Life Is War - Midnight in America
Equal Vision
#19. Ruiner - Prepare to Be Let Down
Bridge Nine
Was a partial let-down, but not a big enough one to keep it from my top 20.
#18. Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying
Fun, as expected.
#17. Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide
Crime In Stereo
#16. Crime in Stereo - Crime in Stereo Is Dead
Bridge Nine
Definitely still getting used to this.
#15. The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights
Saddle Creek
#14. Go It Alone - Histories
Hasn‘t hit me as hard as The Only Blood Between Us, but regardless, this band will be missed...
#13. Daggermouth - Turf Wars
State of Mind
#12. Down to Nothing - The Most
Boys Night Out
#11. Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out
Fifty Million People Can‘t Be Wrong had me pretty worried, but Boys Night Out was a pleasant and catchy surprise.
#10.Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight
Couldn‘t even get through the whole thing on first listen, yet ends up within my top ten favourites of the year? No sense.
#9. Ambitions - Stranger
Bridge Nine
#8. Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal
Deathwish Inc.
#7. Shipwreck A.D - Abyss
Deathwish Inc.
#6. Bracewar - Juggernaut
Miss the vocals being a little more "raw," but still love what Bracewar bring to the table.
#5. Trash Talk - Walking Disease
Tegan And Sara
#4. Tegan and Sara - The Con
#3. 108 - A New Beat from a Dead Heart
Deathwish Inc.
#2. Saves the Day - Under the Boards
Despite being my second least favourite Saves the Day release ever, and despite the fact that it‘s painstakingly depressing, I love Under the Boards.
#1. Lifetime - Lifetime
Without a doubt, the album I gave the most attention to this year, despite the fact I‘ve never been a huge Lifetime fan.

Top 4 EPs

#4. Sinking Ships - Ten
#3. Discover America - Discover America
#2. Blacklisted - Peace on Earth, War on Stage
Deathwish Inc.
#1. Ceremony - Scared People
Bridge Nine

Best Collections Disc

Soul Control
Soul Control - Involution

Best Live Release

Champion - Different Directions | The Last Show
Bridge Nine