All Idols Fall - Standing on the Brink (Cover Artwork)

All Idols Fall

Standing on the Brink (2008)

Deck Cheese

Contacts today (or luck) can get you a long way in music; this is one of the happy stories that never really happens. All Idols Fall recently supported A Wilhelm Scream for all of their UK tour and will be doing the same for Anti-Flag. They have also just released their debut EP on the UK's most active and one of the biggest UK independent punk labels. They seem to have covered more ground than any active UK punk band and only started in the summer of 2007. Now the great thing about this is that it's not been done by some big management company who view success as profits -- sound-wise, it's deserved success.

With about half a year gone since their formation, the maturity in the sound is unreal. This is almost certainly the UK's finest attempt at the currently loved Nitro Records-style, high-paced and intense punk rock; however, similarly to its high pace, this can quickly become stale. Considering this is a debut EP, I'll allow that one to slip; admittedly, if this was a full-length the effects would be more severe.

Ferocious intros fuelled by energy lateral to fire rarely slipping into any moment of relaxation; vocals capable of more damage than a metalhead at a Fall Out Boy show; musicianship almost flawless resembling A Wilhelm Scream crossed with Rise Against.

As I commented on the music's freshness not lasting long, some music seems too simplistic. "Here Forever" seems to have a boundary between the vocals and music harming its flow and feels slightly contrived. The band does seem to make up for previous errors, though, with "The Journey," showing that the band can do melodies very well too.

Unfortunately, the production answers for a weak sound that really diminish a potential allowing these six tracks to be one of the best UK records in recent years.

It's great when you get releases like this because it makes me think that this band has a real chance of great success unseen in the UK scene before. The progress already made is unreal considering the amount of time passed, therefore, if this blistering momentum is maintained then you'll soon discover this band on every punk rocker's radar.