Monade - Monstre Cosmic (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Monstre Cosmic (2008)

Too Pure

So, Monade is like a side project from Sterolab. Who were like a band big in the `90s or something. I dunno. But what I can tell you is that Monstre Cosmic is some highfalutin' `60s-styled French pop-influenced indie rock. Conjuring up the not-dead-yet ghost of France Gall and shovin' it into the dancin' bones of twee pop, Monade is ready to knock your socks back into your shoes so you can take a short walk down the street in the snow to the bakery for a coffee and croissant. By the way, it's mostly sung in French.

"Etoile" starts the album out slowly, featuring rambling keys, soft vocals, and a laid-back tempo. But that's okay because "Lost Language" picks shit up featuring a smattering of instruments chiming in over quick-paced drums and delicate and unpredictable chord progressions. Easily the standout track, the album seems to trade off snoozers and groovers fairly steadily after it. Like a half-hour session of underwater basket weaving, you may lose interest fast. But that's okay, because the groovers are definitely groovin'. "Regarde" pumps its tempo with some staccato played keys in the background, and "Tout En Tour Est Un" is just a few steps away from being an early Funkadelic outtake.

Not all the snoozers are worth glossing over, though. "Elle Topo" brings the tempo back around from the dominating piano ballad pace it starts with. "Messe Joyeuse" featrues cut-outs, stopping the music from beat to beat, building tension.

Overall, the sound is lush, well-written, and attractive. The only noticeable flaws are my general lack of interest in `60s French pop music.