411 - This Isn't Me (Cover Artwork)


This Isn't Me (1990)


This is the band Pennywise wishes they could have been 11 years ago.

411 made a pretty big name for themselves in the SoCal hardcore/skate scene with their debut 7" "Say It" in 1989 . Their songs were featured in many skate and surf videos as well as the legendary Thrasher skate rock tape series. The man behind it all was Dan O' Mahoney of Carry Nation, No For An Answer fame. But 411 took a different direction from traditional hardcore...this band helped epitomize the term "emo-core" when it was little known.

If my memory serves me right, 411 released this debut full length in May of '90. The immeadiate local response was huge. It wasn't anything that was already being done at the time..intense, powerful, political, melodic and very emotional music. In a way it gave fans something that was planted firmly between hardcore and punk...the missing link if you will. Many other things make this record special...great, moving lyrics, very talented, clean guitar sound and technical drum skills...and what better to bring all that out than with near flawless production.

A true soundtrack for the early 90's punk/hardcore evolution. A perfect sound for a season of change. 411 goes right along with your dag nastys' your quicksands' and shelters' all pioneers of the genre. This isn't me is 10 great sing along, skate along anthems that is sure to move you one way or another. This is back in the day when it was ALL about the music..nothing else.

Awesome band, sad really they were just around for such a short period. This record has fallen into hard-to-find status these days..the only place I see to order it is from Cargo music mailorder. But really make sure you check these defunct legends out.

Oh yeah it's pronounced Four One One.