RZL DZL - Strictly Saucers (Cover Artwork)


Strictly Saucers (2008)

Lockin' Out

This is hardcore in a form I love, which also seems to be difficult to find these days unless you know what you're searching for. It's party hardcore -- it rules! Now I'm not going to act like I know much about this vein of hardcore, as I don't, but it doesn't mean it should go missed whatsoever.

Perhaps it should be titled bent-edge, as it's pretty much the opposite of straight-edge hardcore, but then again... It's hard to really write about 12 tracks of fast, loud, in-your-face yet positive hardcore played in just under 18 minutes that isn't here to define a new form of hardcore or anything. Razzle Dazzle is nothing more than a few guys from Detroit, Michigan rocking the fuck out.

If you like Municipal Waste, old-school Beastie Boys, positive music, a reminder of the `80s (despite this being a few months old), getting drunk...you should probably check this out. It's not going to change your life (well, it'll probably make getting wasted even crazier), but it sure does rock.

P.S. It's worth buying some strings for your air guitar; this'll bring it back out of the closet.