Limp - Limp (Cover Artwork)


Limp (2002)

Honest Don's

Well, I got slagged pretty heavily for calling Limp's track (Oh No) on Honest Don's Dirty Dishes "average". So when I received this disc I thought I should give them another listen and maybe I could see what the fuss is all about. Get ready to slag me again because "Oh No" is the best track on this album (although "Ails" is pretty good, too) and it's, uh oh, average.

I have always found Limp pretty inconsistent. I have loved some of their songs, like "Fine Girl" and "Eighteen", but their albums just seem to lack much variety. This good for those people who are big fans of their sound. Hell, I love Bad Religion and variety is not the spice of their life. But for me Limp gets tiring after a few songs.

Bottom line is that if you love Limp, I'm sure you'll like this album. It's well produced and well executed. I would love to see these guys live because I have a sneaking suspicion that is how they have built such a loyal following. Let trash talk begin...