The Brokedowns / Turkish Techno - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Brokedowns / Turkish Techno

Split [7 inch] (2009)

Traffic Street

To be honest, up until listening to this record I was avoiding listening to Turkish Techno. I guess I assumed (based up their name) that they were a hipster indie rock band. Okay, so I am an idiot; that's okay, I realized it myself a long time ago. Turkish Techno is just a straight-up, sing-along, bass-driven punk rock band that makes amazing songs. I can't really think of someone to compare them to, but trust me, they're very good.

This was my introduction to the Brokedowns and what they had to offer on this little vinyl greeting card. For comparison purposes I would say they sound much like the great Off with Their Heads. Bold, gruff vocals with stop-and-go melodies and pounding drums.

It's safe to say I think this record is well worth the couple of bucks that Traffic Street Records charges. With all the good stuff they have in store for your ears, you might want to start saving up now. It looks like they'll be taking a lot of your money.