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YouTube will block indie artists who don't join paid streaming service
Apparently unwilling to deal with artists like the Black Keys and labels like Prosthetic Records who withheld music from Spotify over low royalty rates, Google's…
2014-06-17 12:30:01

Google launches Spotify competitor
Though it already competes with services like Rdio (and to a lesser extent, Pandora and iTunes Match) Spotify is the biggest all-you-can-eat music streaming service by far with more than 20 million users. Today, Google announced that they would be launching their own competitor for the service called…
2013-05-15 17:00:01

Amanda Palmer urges Morrissey to crowdsource album
Though lately he seems more well known for his outspoken political views, "staunch" defense of animal rights or suing NME, Morrissey…
2013-04-29 17:30:01

Amazon launches AutoRip for Vinyl
For the past few months, massive internet retailer Amazon has offered "Autorip for CDs," a service which provides digital copies for most physical music bought from the company. While this was a convenience, ripping CDs wasn't exactly an arduous process in the first place. Today Amazon announced a service which actually provides something that has traditionally been more difficult - digital copies of…
2013-04-03 17:30:01

Dead Kennedys' East Bay Ray attacks YouTube, ad networks
In a less than flattering portrayal, Techdirt.com has some commentary on Dead Kennedys' guitarist East Bay Ray and his "rant complaining about all these internet sites that don't pay him." According to their story, Ray is upset with the easy…
2013-02-21 13:00:01

Trent Reznor's streaming service to be location, context sensitive
More information is surfacing about the curated music service being set up by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Dr.Dre. According to an AV Club report: But while some musical guidance sounds…
2013-02-14 17:00:01

Amoeba launches digital music store for rarities
Beloved California music store chain, Amoeba Music, has launched a new digital rarities store. Unlike other services, the company is focusing on older, mostly out of print vinyl. The owners explained: We've been digitizing a lot. What you see now is the lost-between-the-cracks, underappreciated, undervalued (music) from dead labels, (obscure) artists, stuff that we really stand behind. It's mostly in the rock genre, with a lot of…
2013-02-01 18:30:01

Music royalties drying up due to streaming and subscription services
A New York Times article looks at the ever decreasing royalties being paid to musicians in light of the popularity of subscription and ad-supported streaming services like Rdio, Spotify, Pandora and more. Musicians are increasingly seeing their…
2013-01-31 18:00:01

Relaunched Myspace accused of using music without permission
The newly relaunched Myspace (or, that place where people go to hear the Justin Timberlake single), has already run into some legal troubles. The New York Times is reporting that the site is using music from hundreds of indie labels without permission. Until a year…
2013-01-21 17:00:01

Protest the Hero funds new album through Indiegogo
After three albums on Vagrant Records and Underground Operations, Protest the Hero is opting to go direct to fans to help fund the follow up to 2011's Scurrilous . As you might expect, the band is offering a variety…
2013-01-16 17:30:01

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