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March 26, 2015
Adam E. here with four new reviews. Today is, among other things, National Spinach Day. So make sure you eat plenty of spinach so you can have huge forearms like Popeye. Today's reviews are: Success - Radio Recovery Royal Weddings - Dry…
2015-03-26 18:00:01

Spill (ex-members of We Were Skeletons and Placeholder) announces new single
A new band has formed with ex-members of Pennsylvania's We Were Skeletons and Placeholder. The new band is called Spill and they have released a single from their upcoming EP. The song is called "Sucks Either Way." You can listen to the single by clicking…
2015-03-26 13:00:01

Masked Intruder and Lipstick Homicide added to Dummerfest 2k15
Masked Intruder and Lipstick Homicide have been added to the Dummerfest 2k15 line up. They join already confirmed acts 88 Fingers Louie, In Defence Tenement, Get Rad and Direct…
2015-03-26 11:30:01

March 25, 2015
This is John G bringing you four new reviews and it's Wednesday, so that means it's time for a Wednesday trivia time! Blink-182 is selling this shirt on tour. This shirt is a reference to a famous photo of a legendary guitarist wearing a similar shirt. What musician once wore a shirt similar to this in the mid 70's? Today's reviews are: Venomous Pinks -…
2015-03-25 18:00:01

City of Ships: "Alarm"
City of Ships have posted their video for "Alarm." It's from their newly released album, Ultraluminal, and is inspired by bands like Failure, Helmet and…
2015-03-25 14:00:01

Death Grips (US)
Well, it looks like we all got trolled again by Death Grips. Despite reports to the contrary, including a note posted on their website stating that they had broken up, Death Grips has announced a new, extended tour of the USA. That is, of course, unless this is yet another one of their hijinks, such as when they failed to appear at a SXSW show despite setting up their instruments, or when they performed an entire concert via Skype, or when they leaked…
2015-03-25 11:00:01

Tom Delonge: "The Invisible Parade"
Tom Delonge, who may or may not be in Blink-182, has released a new solo track. It's an acoustic number and it's called "The Invisible Parade." It's from a new release called To the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends, which will be out April 21, 2015. The album is being released in conjunction with a t-shirt,…
2015-03-25 10:00:01

James Alex (Beach Slang)
There's a good reason you've been hearing about Beach Slang as much as you may have: because they're really fucking good. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-derived quartet play songs with an instant, warm air of familiarity, without sticking too derivatively to its influences. Obviously, these guys have played in bands those young and old to the PA punk scenes might be…
2015-03-24 20:00:01

March 24, 2015
Adam E. here with four new reviews. I just had to explain to grown adult that it's "Star Trek," not "Star Track." Sometimes I wonder how certain people survive to adulthood. Today's reviews are: Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly Ice Hockey - …
2015-03-24 18:00:01

Black Sabbath to play "last ever gig"
Black Sabbath has announced what they are claiming is their "last ever gig." The last show will be on November 22, 2015 in Japan, which is the second day of the Ooziest Festival. According to various reports, the band is currently working on a studio album with Rick Rubin acting as producer. The band released…
2015-03-24 16:00:01

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