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October 1, 2014
This is John G bringing you another Wednesday Trivia Time! Who are the people in this photo. Hint: There are people from the West Coast, the East Coast, and the UK! Today's reviews are: The Independents - Into The Light Touche Amore - Live On BBC…
2014-10-01 18:00:02

Entropy: "All Work, No Plagiarism"
Today's stream comes from Orange County, New York-based Entropy. We've got a stream of the band's new release, All Work, No Plagiarism. On the release, the band blasts though hyper-short tunes influenced by the likes of modern hardcore champions including Paint it Black and Cloak/Dagger. But, while the musical backing comes from the east coast, the band's vocals are pure…
2014-10-01 16:00:01

Minus The Bear: 'Lost Loves'
Minus the Bear are streaming their forthcoming album Lost Loves over at Pitchfork. The album is due out October 7, 2014 via Big Scary Monsters and features 10 tracks with a few that have been remastered and re-recorded. Bassist Cory Murchy told…
2014-10-01 15:00:01

King Khan & The BBQ Show (West Coast)
King Khan and the BBQ Show have announced a short West Coast tour. It begins this Saturday. Punknews spoke to King Khan last…
2014-10-01 13:00:01

Pulley playing 'Matters' at Music for Cancer show
Pulley has announced that they will be playing their album Matters in its entirety for their October 18, 2014, Music for Cancer secret show in Montreal. Canada. They will also be playing with their original singer Scott Radinsky. Tickets to the show can be purchased by clicking…
2014-10-01 09:00:01

Dean Clean (The Dead Milkmen)
Philadelphia’s most famous punk band, The Dead Milkmen, are about to release their new album Pretty Music for Pretty People. The album is one of the group’s most frantic, jumpy, twisted releases to date. The band flips off mainstream pop, ganks a Stooges title and, as always, take a couple of kidney punches at Reagan. Because the band is on the verge of releasing a new, perverse marvel, features editor John Gentile spoke to drummer Dean…
2014-09-30 20:00:01

September 30, 2014
Adam E. back with three new reviews. There are a ton of new records out this week. Are you picking up any obscure, tape-only releases? Today's reviews are: Self Defense Family - Duets [EP] High Dive - These Are Days [EP] …
2014-09-30 18:00:01

Bracket: 'Hold Your Applause'
Bracket is back, baby! Hold Your Applause is the group's first album in eight years and throughout it, the band once again shows just how unique they are. Those beautiful Beach Boy harmonies open the album only for them to pull out the rug and kick into buzzing power-pop-punk. But, while the band pulls out all their trademarks here, this isn't a nostalgia trip. The band…
2014-09-30 16:00:01

The Picturebooks: 'Imaginary Horse'
Punknews is excited to debut the new album by The Picturebooks! On their new release, Imaginary Horse. the German duo kick out thumping, muscular riffs. At their core, the duo takes cues from the blues-based sledgehammering of Scott Asheton. But then, on the even nastier cuts like "Your kisses burn like fire," the band gets grimey and wallows in low, rumbling reverberations that would make any Amphetamine Reptile band proud. This is…
2014-09-30 13:00:01

Win Free Tickets and Vinyl from Plow United!
Punknews is excited to be a part of "The Plow United Impossible Trivia Contest!" The contest coincides with two very special Plow United shows so we're giving away two prize packages- one for each show! The band is playing a show on December 30, 2014 at the Acheron in Brooklyn, NY with Mikey Erg, Chumped, Up for Nothing, and…
2014-09-30 11:30:01

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