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Fellow Project: "Hatchets"
Long Island's Fellow Project have released a new song titled "Hatchets." "Hatchets" will be featured on their new EP, titled Basic Axemanship. The EP will be out this winter on Dead Broke and MoneyFire Records, and there will be a special vinyl-only Fest edition available at Fest 13. You can listen to the track by clicking…
2014-10-23 09:00:01

Jade Puget (XTRMST)
For at least five albums now, the scene’s most divisive band has abandoned its punk sound, venturing off into more mainstream areas, becoming more and more distant from their hardcore roots. But now AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget are making a return to form with their new band XTRMST, a straight-edge hardcore band that is louder and heavier than anything the creative duo has ever done before. On a day off in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during…
2014-10-22 20:00:01

October 22, 2014
Hello again! This is John G bringing you another Wednesday trivia time! The band pictured here would evolve and go on to create great art. This picture is an early version of what band? Today's reviews are: New Found Glory - Resurrection The Jam - Sound…
2014-10-22 18:00:01

Get a discount when you purchase 'Filmage'
As a thank you for making last night's chat with Bill Stevenson such a rousing success, Punknews is teaming up the makers of "Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL" to offer you, our valued readers, a discount when you purchase a digital download of…
2014-10-22 16:00:01

Shinobu announce '10 Thermidor', stream new song
Shinobu have announced the details for the follow up to 2009's Strange Spring Air . The album is titled 10 Thermidor and they are currently raising funds for the album. When they reach the first $1000 they will release a new song and another new song when they reach $2000. Once $3000 is reached they will release the…
2014-10-22 14:30:01

The Flaming Lips: 'With A Little Help From My Fwends'
The Flaming Lips are streaming their new album at NPR. The release is called With A Little Help From My Fwends and is a track-by-track cover of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The album include contributions from Tegan and Sara, Moby, Electric Würms,…
2014-10-22 11:00:01

We'll Do It Live: Bill Stevenson
That's all for tonight. You can read the entire session in the comments below. Thanks so much to Bill for hanging out! Be sure to catch the Descendents at Fest 13. Punknews is delighted to be partnering with our pals at FEST and tonight's special guest will be the one and only Bill Stevenson. The Descendents will be playing Fest 13 in…
2014-10-21 20:00:01

October 21, 2014
Adam E. here with three new reviews. I'm sure you've all noticed that right now, everything is pumpkin flavored. Where do you stand on seasonal pumpkin-flavored goods? Personally, I'm a fan. Today's reviews are: Xerxes - Collision Blonde Derek Grant - …
2014-10-21 18:00:01

Ex Friends (2011-2014)
Ex Friends have broken up. Speaking to Punknews, the band stated: After almost exactly three years as a band, Ex Friends is calling it a day. The punk rock universe has been very kind to us and we are grateful. We played our first show in a basement and our last show on a festival stage. We made a lot of records and met a lot of great friends. One day we woke up…
2014-10-21 17:00:01

Feral Trash: 'Trashfiction'
Today's stream comes from Feral Trash. We've got a stream of the band's new release, Trashfiction. The release is out via Dirt Cult and Mammoth Cave records and you can pre-order it right here. Meanwhile, you can hear the whole thing on the…
2014-10-21 16:00:01

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